1. If a Transaction is an Invalid or Fraud Transaction, Bank may, with prior discussion with MA-AGRO FARM (and without a request or demand from a Cardholder), Refuse to accept the Transaction; or

2. If the Transaction has been processed, at any time within 180 days of the date of the Transaction, and the service is not given then MA-AGRO FARM will charge that Transaction back to the Customer or otherwise exercising its rights under the MEF.

3. Customer is liable to verify the shipping address before delivering any product to customer's shipping address.

4. MA-AGRO FARM shall not deliver a product in an address other than the address mentioned as delivery address by the Customer. If card holder claims for charge back, the card holder must submit proper delivery receipts & invoices, otherwise MA-AGRO FARM will not bear the liability of charge back.

5. Here, Invalid or Fraud Transaction shall mean
i. The transaction and its records are illegal;
ii. The particulars inserted in the order form are not identical with the actual particulars identifying the Cardholder;
iii. The Nominated Card is invalid at the time of transaction;
iv. The Nominated Card is listed on the Warning Bulletin issued to MA-AGRO FARM;
v. The Merchant has failed to observe the MEF in relation to the transaction;
vi. The Nominated Card was used without the consent of the Cardholder.


1. In the event of a Customer effecting a transaction by using a Payment Card, the Customer may request for a refund within a period of seven (07) days from the actual day of the transaction if there is a false transaction take place, then MA-AGRO FARM will check the valid reason and shall be entitled to cancel authorization and can refuse to make any payments to the Customer if the request is invalid. Otherwise payment will be refunded to the Account in favor of the said Customer.

2. In the event the MA-AGRO FARM accepts a customer order/agrees to provide the course to the Customer but however subsequently notifies to MA-AGRO FARM authority about the service/product with a customer order/service. And if MA-AGRO FARM finds that the reason is valid then the card holder/who payed for the legal support will be refunded to the paid account.

3. In the event of a refund to a cardholder In respect of any transaction of any goods,/ services that are not received as ordered by the Cardholder (Must Show a valid reason) or are lawfully rejected or services are not performed or partly performed or price adjustment is not allowed or for any other reason whatsoever, a credit slip shall be issued within seven (07) to nine (09) working days after the refund has been agreed between MA-AGRO FARM and the cardholder. The charges will be credited to cardholders account as per Banks policy.